2014. június 1., vasárnap

Az előző bejegyzésemben ígértem, hogy írni fogok a kutatási eredményekről a dohányzás, vérlemezke aktiváció és SM vonatkozásában!

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an immune-inflammatory disease caused by genetic and environmental (viral infections, smoking) factors, damaging the blood-brain barrier. Many publications ascertain with the role of platelets in inflammatory processes affecting the central nervous system. Platelets can be activated through binding to monocytes, granulocytes, lymphocytes and endothelial cells. Besides emptying their granules, activated platelets can synthetize new mediators regulating the microcirculation, inflammatory and immune processes. In our research we examined whether the platelets of male patients having early-stage MS differ significantly from the ones of normal controls, as well as whether this difference could be pointed out for the platelets of smokers and non-smokers. Criteria to select affected people into the patient group were as followings: the individual (1) should have been presenting typical clinical symptoms for MS, (2) there had to be differences according to the diagnostic criteria on MRI, (3) oligoclonal gammopathy had to be measured in the LCS and (4) the patients should have been fulfilling the criteria for Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS). Regular intake of NSAIDs, steroids or other medications altering platelet activity was an excluding factor. Patient data was compared to that of normal control subjects of same sex and age. We assessed white blood cell count, platelet count and platelet volume. Platelet volume of CIS patients (11,73±0,17 fl) was greater than those of normal control subjects (10,64±0,15 fl; p<0.001) whereas there was no difference in platelet count. Among CIS patients a decreased platelet volume could be assessed in smokers (11,29±0,19 fl) compared to non-smokers (12,13±0,17 fl; p<0,01). The results of our research confirm platelet activation observed by other authors in MS patients so this simple test could serve as a biomarker. Difference in platelet volume among smokers and non-smokers can confirm smoking being a causative factor. Progression of the inflammatory process could be decreased inhibiting platelet activation.

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